Hi, I’m a Product Designer from Seattle crafting beautiful User Experiences focused on Innovation and Purpose. I currently design at Research and A.I. - Microsoft.


Hummingbird - stories for you

Hummingbird brings personalized stories for the user. It uses state of the art AI to focus on what matters for the user. I have been leading the design for the whole app. Apple has featured Hummingbird in the App Store. Download iOS and Android


Bing Personalized Feed

Design Lead for Personalized Feed experience for various touch point - Bing iOS, Android App and mobile Bing. The feed became an essential part of the homepage experience. Apart from a search experience, now users can proactively get all the news stories they are interested it.


Never Miss a Moment - Olympics 2016

Design Lead for the Olympics 2016 experience on Bing.com. The experience covered 39 sports and 302 events in great detail. Also athletes, news, schedule and results were the key areas where we had a competitive experience.  Our studies showed Bing.com experience was better than the competition. 


Typing has never been so easy - Wordflow Keyboard

Wordflow Keyboard  is a blazing fast keyboard that has search built into it (GIFs, restaurants, and more). It started off as a hackathon project where I was trying to solve context switching. To achieve small tasks, we had to switch context from our communication environments to find information, come back with it and share it. I ended up with designing a keyboard where search was integrated so it could be used across any communication app. The project got funded and ultimately became Wordflow Keyboard.


AI can be your friend too - COCO

This was a hackathon project in the summer of 2015 where I conceptualized COCO - a smart AI friend who lives in your contact book. This was one of the early concepts of the Microsoft Bot Framework and was done before the world started going crazy about bots. You just add her on Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype, or any other communication platform and ask her anything. You can involve her in groups and multiple people can her anything. She is cute, friendly, quirky and has a lot of character that people would love. Check out the video.


Where will you go next - Flight Booking

My role was to design the end to end experience of searching for flights on Bing.com for mobile and desktop. Booking a flight is always a tedious, time consuming task and search can last from 5 minutes to even weeks. We explored how can we make the process simple and a solution which works for the user.


Follow what you love - Sporstcaster Bot

The idea of a bot for Sports started to trickle in when I was designing the Olympics Experience for Desktop and Mobile on Bing.com. Olympics is such a huge event with too much going on for an average fan to follow. So there was an oppurtunity to do something for the users. Bot is a perfect medium for things you want information in bits, which makes you keep tracking of things you care and is non-intrusive and the infromation comes to you rather than you actively trying to find out information. My role was to inspire the team to take on the project and sell the idea. Later on designed the whole bot, all semantics, behaviour, information cards and other parts of the bot experience. Play with the bot in Facebook Messenger.


Celebrating football - Euro Cup 2016

Second only to the FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup is a massive soccer event. Bing launched a rich experience on desktop and mobile in 12 markets. I designed the complete experience from detailed matchup views, all-important match stats, postgame scores and timeline. Also designed the Predicts experience which was our differentiating element.


Information at your fingertips - Answers on Bing

At Bing, we design experiences for users in domains where they search the most. We give them instant answer to complete their need. I design and own certain domains like travel, reference and fact, QnA, Go-Big experiences and several others.


Assistant gets more nimble - Cortana Lockscreen

Cortana proactive canvas is really powerful, but it is under utilized as it is boxed into an app. As a personal assistant it needs to take over the phone and handle everything for the user just like a assistant would do. In the current version the user has to unlock and go to the app to see any suggestions for him. This means that they might end up missing lot of suggestions which should have been surfaced to him at an optimal time. The concept tries to solve the problem. It brings proactive updates on the lock screen and the detail cards are a swipe away. The mini updates will bring the right information at the right time. Lock screen is a canvas where an average user might look at it ~100 times a day. This concept was envisioned as part of a Hackathon I participated, the designs in production were done much later by another team.